ServiceNow is a cloud based platform, which was mainly developed for workflow and process automation as per the ITIL principles. However, it is highly customizable and also can be used for other purposes.

  • IT Service management
  • HR management
  • IT Asset management
  • Finance operation management.

ServiceNow is mainly used as a ticketing tool to manage incidents, problems and changes


Why ServiceNow .. ?

The ServiceNow business model is based on providing products using SaaS cloud computing software. It involves setting up systems to define, manage, automate and structure services for companies. ServiceNow users can find the software useful within security, operations, customer service, HR and other industries-

If you need a way to bring all of your IT solutions under one exceptionally capable umbrella solution, the robust suite of ServiceNow products and web services includes everything that your business could ever need.

ServiceNow web services use a cloud-based system, so anyone in your company can access the platform at any time, wherever they may be. A big part of how ServiceNow works is due to the fact that it is a native system, so you can be creative and customize it in any way that you need. What’s more, there are a number of different apps, products, and services, so you can create the exact ServiceNow platform that you require for your business.

Why should a company use ServiceNow ?

ServiceNow enables enterprise service domains to define services, provide an intuitive service experience, deliver service, assure service availability and analyze critical service metrics. ... As little to no coding is required, almost anyone can build business applications for every line of business

Advantages & Benefits

  • Streamlined and improved processes. ServiceNow standardizes all information about IT assets and business services through its configuration management database.
  • Business tool integration
  • Increased productivity
  • Return on investment

Why TechoMinds as your ServiceNow Partner

  • TechoMinds's through its ServiceNow partner network consults, implements & provides support services for its customers globally.
  • TechoMinds's capabilities in ServiceNow is backed by a strong bench of technical and domain experts spread across geographies. From implementing an IT service platform to a complex business- related process, Gusto can help optimize the value of you spend.
  • TechoMinds's Design Thinking based approach to deliver solutions throughout the delivery cycle helps you use technology to solve your business problem. Techominds delivers these solutions by taking ownership of delivery and leveraging its certified partner network.

Our Services & Offerings

  • Automated Testing Framework
  • Configuration Management Database
  • Intelligent Automation Engine
  • Knowledge Management
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting
  • Service Creator and Catalog
  • Subscription Management
  • IT Service Management (ITSM)
  • IT Business Management (ITBM)
  • IT Opertations Management
Services & Offerings
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