Hiring / Recruitment


Our Hiring Sources

Job Boards

We have been successful in placing the right candidate using various recruitment Job portals.

Social Media

We hold LinkedIn Premium account subscription which helps us find and hire right talent. It also helps us fast communication with active and passive job seekers.

Employee Referrals

Existing staff are encouraged to refer people they know for the client vacancies.

Internal Databases

We maintain our own talent pool database.

Recruitment Partners

We are the recruitment partners for an established IT companies. We provide Talent service and are accountable for full end-to-end recruitment lifecycle.


We advertise the jobs on the job portals, social media and Newspapers which helps us fetch active and passive job seekers.

Our Recruitment Team

  • We hire recruiters with “Technology” background.
  • Domain- and - Skill specific recruiting team
  • Our approach is “dedicated recruitment team” for our client.
  • We certify our resources on “CBIS” (Competency Based Interviewing Skills)
  • Effective screening at multiple levels (TLs), monitoring the performance using recruitment tools, and meeting the timelines as top priority and as KRAs
  • Specialized in hard-to-find talent sourcing methods and huge Internal database
  • Innovative and aggressive approach with the well-defined proven processes.
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